Chapter 124a: Return of the Island Boy
Distance NERDingApril 26, 2023
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Chapter 124a: Return of the Island Boy

Phil is back from his island adventure!!! And he comes back to trailers, news, and more fun!!

This Episode we discuss:

  • We read chapter 2 of the galactic showdown!
  • Is Star Trek making new movies every 2 years?
  • Is Daisy Ridley a side character in her new Star Wars film?
  • Is Adam Driver the new Reed Richards?
  • Carrie fisher is getting her Walk of Fame Star
  • We get more news on Sandman Season 2
  • Fast 11 gets its director
  • TMNT and Stranger Things gets a cross over
  • Transformers is getting a new animated origin
  • Stitch has been cast in the live action Lilo and Stitch
  • James Gunn talks pre production for Superman: Legacy
  • Patti LuPone talks Agath: Coven of Chaos
  • Sega Purchases a Major Mobile Studio
  • And Atari buys over 100 classic games

Waking up in Island Time… it’s Distance NERDing!

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