Chapter 127: Corn Sweat is the name of the show
Distance NERDingMay 17, 2023
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Chapter 127: Corn Sweat is the name of the show

Fray, Phil, and Jahmez are the masters of the transition!!! 

This Episode we discuss:

  • A new chapter of Tales from the Thicc!!!
  • Are we getting a young version of a classic villain in Rings of Power season 2?
  • Is Dwayne Johnson returning to the Fast Saga?
  • Have we gotten a name for Filoni’s Star Wars film?
  • Has Superman been cast in Superman: Legacy?
  • The WGA strike has caused more delays
  • Avatar: The Way of Water gets a streaming date
  • Loki Season 2 gets a release date reveal
  • Jaleel White reveals he is starring in Skeleton Crew
  • Exciting Beetlejuice 2 News
  • Amazons Jack Ryan gets an announcement
  • Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens season 2 gets a release date
  • News on season 2 of Sandman amidst the WGA strike
  • Meg Foster joins the cast of Masters of the Universe: Revolution
  • Freaky Friday has a sequel in the works
  • Disney+ and Hulu are combining this year
  • And embracer group announced development on a Lord of the Rings themed MMO for Amazon Games

Sweating the Corn… it’s Distance NERDing!

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