Chapter 140: Why did you say that name?!
Distance NERDingAugust 23, 2023
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Chapter 140: Why did you say that name?!

Jahmez has been back but the chat still believes he’s been missing, Fray tells us about her love for characters named Martha, and Phil is ignored for biscoffs… 

This Episode we discuss:

  • Is Lupita Nyong’o going to be a Disney Princess?
  • Is the Wonder Woman game still happening?
  • Is Adam Driver playing Snape in the new Harry Potter series?
  • Marvel Studios Has agreed to unionization vote for VFX crews
  • WGA has renewed negotiations with AMPTP
  • Men 97 has already started recording season 2
  • James Gunn teases Jaime Reyes’s role in the DCU
  • Blue Beetles budget has been revealed
  • The Flash is making its way to Max sooner than expected
  • Barbie is now WB’s highest grossing domestic film
  • Barbies streaming date haas been revealed
  • Amazon Cancels some shows
  • Fast X has a streaming date
  • Charles Martinet addresses leaving his role as Mario
  • National Cinema Day is coming!!
  • Lucasfilm is closing an iconic studio
  • Dave Filoni addresses Ashoka’s character relationships
  • And Ashoka’s release date is moved up!!

Saying Martha for a plot hole… it’s Distance NERDing!

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