Chapter 142: WTF is a Qomp2?
Distance NERDingSeptember 06, 2023
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Chapter 142: WTF is a Qomp2?

Everything goes well until your computer decided to stop recording the episode… so we had to pull the audio from YouTube on the second half of the show… but it was still a good time… especially for Jahmez… he loves getting interrupted anyways

This Episode we discuss:

  • Is sHe hulk getting a second season?
  • Disneys VFX team is also unionizing
  • AMC works out a deal to start work on select shows
  • Smash Mouths Lead Singer passes away
  • My Adventures with Superman is renewed for another season
  • Barbie is now the #1 movie of 2023
  • Taylor Swifts ERA TOURS film breaks records
  • CBS is developing a scripted series on the Barbie Bratz Rivalry
  • Marvel Announces some premier dates
  • Arcane is getting a second season
  • Kevin Smith is Actioning off a bunch of amazing things
  • Nintendo Reveals when they will announce Marios new Voice Actor
  • Pong is getting s Sequel?
  • And we talk Easter Eggs ins Ahsoka Episode 3 in an all new Breakdown!!

Trying to figure out how qomp is a pong sequel… it’s Distance NERDing!

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