Chapter 155: The Office Christmas Party
Distance NERDingDecember 21, 2023
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Chapter 155: The Office Christmas Party

Phil Still has no Mixer, Jahmez tries to cheat at trivia, again, Fray gives us some heart felt moments that make everyone almost cry, Graveyard is forced to live his worst fears… drinking eggnog, Fourzze gives us some fun news, and SHDU tells us how really feels about Santa in this very special Office Christmas Party episode of Distance NERDing!!!

This Episode we discuss:

  • Did Barry Keoghan tease his return as the joker?
  • Is X-Men going to focus on Mr. Sinister?
  • Will Spiderman 4 include 2 major MCU Characters?
  • Is Tim Allen not easy to work with?
  • The Pee Wee YouTube Channel is releasing the Pee Week Playhouse Christmas Special in HD
  • Olivia Wilde is set to direct Christmas Comedy NAUGHTY
  • Plot details have been released for What If… Season 2
  • Justin Hammer is officially returning to the MCU
  • Jonathan Majors is officially fired from Marvel Studios following a guilty verdict
  • A documentary is being released based on 1978 Holiday Special
  • A new Christmas tree ornament has been released of Santa Clause in Carbonite
  • And we talk about some D&D stocking stuffers

Calling Santa a bitch… it’s Distance NERDing!

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