Chapter 167b: Dreamsicles Have Flavors?
Distance NERDingMarch 20, 2024
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Chapter 167b: Dreamsicles Have Flavors?

Fray has a genius theory about Agatha Harkness, Jahmez tries to figure out what a dark western noir comedy is, and Phil thinks twice about the red rangers choices!!

This Episode we discuss:

  • Is Cillian Murphy next in line to play Bond?
  • Has Patty Jenkins returned for Star Wars?
  • Is Scar-Jo going to star in Jurassic Park?
  • Austin St. John is launching a clothing line with questionable quote choices
  • Neve Campbell is returning for Scream 7
  • Christopher Nolan is weighing options for his next film
  • Joaquin Phoenix and Pedro Pasqual to star in Ari Asters next film
  • Arnold Schwartznegger and Alan Ritchson are making a Christmas movie
  • DC announces a live action Teen Titans Movie
  • The Batman part II gets pushed back by a year
  • Venom 3 gets a release date and an official title
  • Nic Cage confirms talks for Spiderman Noir
  • Agatha: Darkhold Diaries gets another name change
  • Jake Lloyds mother gives an update on his mental health
  • Marvel Confirms Nova is in development
  • Disney fires Beau DeMayo ahead of Men 97 Debut
  • The US House of Representatives Votes to ban Tik Tok
  • And Wendy’s is releasing an Orange Dreamsicle Frosty

Theorizing the multiverses movie choices… it’s Distance NERDing!

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