Chapter 171: We are one with the Fourzze
Distance NERDingApril 18, 2024
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Chapter 171: We are one with the Fourzze

SHDU SHDUsplains something to us, Jahmez is on Filipino time, Phil cuts off Jahmez for reasons, and we all witness the return of greatness as Fourzze makes his return!!

This Episode we discuss:

  • Will scream VII’s plot circle around Sidneys Family
  • Is John wick playing Shadow the Hedgehog?
  • Will Nia DaCosta be directing part of the 28 Years Later Trilogy?
  • Will there be Hulk references in Deadpool & Wolverine?
  • Is Thunderbolts holding back its name for a good reason?
  • Hailee Seinfeld joins the cast of Ryan Coogler’s Vampire Movie
  • WB is working on a Black Samurai Movie with Blitz Bazawule
  • Margot Robbie to produce Monopoly Movie
  • Blumhouse is rebooting The Blair Witch Project
  • Chris Farley Biopic in the works
  • Steven Spielberg confirms live action Transformers/ GI Joe crossover is coming
  • News on Aang: The Last Airbender is revealed
  • A new Star Trek origin film is in the works
  • Kat Dennis joins Tim Allens new sitcom Shifting Gears
  • AppleTV+’s Monarch is greenly for a second season and new spinoffs are in the works
  • Kit Harrington Confirms Jon Snow Spinoff is not happening
  • Heroes is getting a reboot
  • And a live action TMNT: The Last Ronin is in development!

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