Chapter 176: This Chapter is FUBAR
Distance NERDingMay 22, 2024
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Chapter 176: This Chapter is FUBAR

SHDU will do anything for money… Jenn’s ass is FUBAR, Phil tried to get to the Choppa, and Jahmez is ready for a sugary coma!!!

This Episode we discuss:

  • Is Ripley joining the Star Wars Universe?
  • Has James Mangold’s Star Wars films name leaked?
  • Is ScarJo working on a forgotten Marvel franchise?
  • Will we be getting a Hawkeye Season 2 sooner than later?
  • Is Nova being developed as a younger character?
  • Twitter has fully rebranded as X
  • 28 years later gets its release date
  • First look photos come out for The Smashing Machine
  • Insidious’s 6th movie is in development
  • Donnie Yen to star in John Wick spinoff
  • Shogun is renewed for 2 more seasons
  • Dune 2 gets its streaming date on Max
  • Netflix renews 3 Body Problem for a second season
  • Carrie Anne Miss joins season 2 of FUBAR
  • first look images have been released for Terminator Zero
  • Amazon has cancelled Silk Spider Society
  • Natasha Lyonne has been cast in Fantastic 4
  • Deadpool and Wolverine gets a new synopsis for Disney audiences and for everyone else
  • AppleTV+ looking to change how actors get bonuses based on how well IPs perform on streamer
  • Disneyland workers unionize
  • Rob Liefeld’s final Deadpool story is announced
  • A Harry Potter themed baking show is coming soon
  • And Star Wars gets Oreos!!!

Grunting like Austrian body builders trying to get to a chopper… it’s Distance NERDing!

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