Chapter 177: Can I borrow your only fans login?
Distance NERDingMay 29, 2024
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Chapter 177: Can I borrow your only fans login?

Phil Still has no nice things to say about Sonys Spider Films, Jahmez can’t pronounce friend to save his life and Ash does not want the Only Fans assignment

This Episode we discuss:

  • Will Scream VII do a time jump?
  • Is Dua Lipa playing a major role in Disney’s Hercules?
  • Are Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield coming back as Spiderman?
  • Do we have a new director for Spiderman 4?
  • Is Sony developing a new Spiderman Trilogy?
  • Is Thunderbolts actually a sequel?
  • The Latest GoT spinoff has a Director
  • Christian Slater cast in Dexter Prequel
  • The Title for Rain Johnsons next Knives out film is revealed
  • Steven Spielbergs next film is setup at universal
  • Kraven the Hunters release date has been pushed
  • James Wan to produce a “Darker Reimagine” of The Munsters
  • Rupert Friend cast in new Jurassic World Film
  • New Cast Members announced for Naked Gun Reboot
  • James Gunn reveals writers for Green Lantern Series
  • Disneylands Fantasmic returns
  • Shawn Levy is producing a Club 33 Film
  • Rob McElhenney is confirmed for Deadpool and Wolverine
  • X-Men ’97 is now rated as the highest Marvel property on Rotten Tomatoes
  • Wonderman will be a Marvel Spotlight series
  • Marvel is developing The Vision Series
  • And Apple and Marvel unveil its What if…? Apple Vision Pro exclusive game

Trying to figure out Steven Spielbergs alien obsession… it’s Distance NERDing!

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