Chapter 97: The Ballad of Fourzze Fx, The Font Dude
Distance NERDingOctober 19, 202202:32:02139.2 MB

Chapter 97: The Ballad of Fourzze Fx, The Font Dude

We started the episode, then out of nowhere! A lone saberslinger made his way into the building… it was Fourzze Fx, and he joined us to talk about all of the nerdy things…

This week we discuss:

  • The death of Robbie Coltrane
  • Comcast pulling the plug on G4TV
  • Harrison Ford as Thunderbolt Ross
  • Disney+s new series in Idina Manzel
  • Dune 2’s release date moving up
  • The Snyder Cut releasing at Smod Castle
  • WB merging Cartoon Network
  • Liam Neeson to Star in new Naked Gun
  • Lucy Liu Joins the cast of Red One
  • Martin Scorsese is developing a Gangs of New York series
  • Rick and Morty is getting a claymation Halloween Special
  • Dragonball Super: Super Hero announced its Blu-ray release date
  • Is Lego releasing a new $500 kit?
  • Is WBDiscovery making an AEW series?
  • Is James Gunn directing a new DC Film?
  • Has Mephisto been cast in Iron Heart?
  • Will XMen release its characters in Specials?
  • And we breakdown Easter eggs and rate She-Hulk!!!

Making Toxic Fanboys feel uncomfortable… it’s Distance NERDing!

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